Thursday, October 25, 2012

nathalie@ 1 mth 17 days

Nathalie aka yao is now 1 month plus old, she is getting fatter and cutie...she looks pretty n cutie when sleeps...but look like devil when crying ..she started to manja already, the headache part was frustrated when i dun know what she crying for as there were too many could be hungry/feel sleepy but cant fall in sleep/not feeling well and so on?? sometimes its hard for me to determine, am i not 细心enough to catch your pattern? mummy needs to work hard in order to read ur mind so that u wont need to cry for so long while mummy tries for everything possible....yao, pls forgive mummy ya...mummy felt heart pain too when seeing u crying.....mummy will try as many ways as possible so that you can sleep tight....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bad mood de me~

How to start this topic le?  Yao yao is my everything and i wanted to spend most of my time with her, i wanted to be d first one beside/hug her when she is get frightened, be d one to make her fall in sleep, be the one to feed her milk milk and so on...but why i dun hv d chance everytime! Perhaps in others view, its good ma got ppl to help up but too bad, im not that  kind of the kind rather to do my own for yao..cause she is really really important to me and i have d responsiblity for her everything....u can say i sendiri cari pasal to tanggung everything, but i dun mind cause im willing to do all these....simple reason "she is my daughter"...hate hubby's 不体貼, 不谅解 how a mother's feel....its not as easy as wat he thinks to have yao yao in my body for whole pregnancy period till yao yao is delivered!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


瑶瑶已有十三天大了,忽然的我觉得有点不可思议。从知道有宝宝开始到生她出来到现在,感觉好像人生应该就是这样吧!应该算是完成我的第一段人生, 可喜可贺。一天一天看着宝宝长大, 感觉好辛福噢。宝宝的多多面部表情, 让人看了都忍不住想亲她多几下。宝宝, 妈咪好爱好爱妳噢! 妳一定要健健康康, 快快乐乐长大喔。。妈咪会做妳的守护神, 帮妳挡掉坏人, 不让他们伤害妳!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

♥xin yao is delivered♥

Finally my little princess, Nathalie aka 馨瑶@8 September 2012@2.75kg,with us now..its a precious gift from God to us...Thanks God for blessing us stay in healthy...
Now, im upgraded to be my daughter's mother, my hubby's wife, my mil's daughter in law and bla bla bla....more responsibilities, commitments and so on. now i realised its not an easy thing or perhaps should treat it as job...many things i have to learn/let go even though not wat i wish...but because of Natalie, i will definitely defeat it....yao yao, please give mommy more courages, strengths to overcome these....mommy love yao yao~~