Thursday, October 25, 2012

nathalie@ 1 mth 17 days

Nathalie aka yao is now 1 month plus old, she is getting fatter and cutie...she looks pretty n cutie when sleeps...but look like devil when crying ..she started to manja already, the headache part was frustrated when i dun know what she crying for as there were too many could be hungry/feel sleepy but cant fall in sleep/not feeling well and so on?? sometimes its hard for me to determine, am i not 细心enough to catch your pattern? mummy needs to work hard in order to read ur mind so that u wont need to cry for so long while mummy tries for everything possible....yao, pls forgive mummy ya...mummy felt heart pain too when seeing u crying.....mummy will try as many ways as possible so that you can sleep tight....

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